When I first arrived in Korea I was told the most popular song there was "China Night". This was a Japanese song that was picked up by the GI's on R&R and brought back to Korea. All you hear on this site is the melody. The words, in japanese sound like: "she has no yoyo". When I moved to Japan a year later it was still popular. I found this music on a Japanese site of old popular songs. It was titled as: "The Night of China" or in japanese: "Shina No Yoru". The japanese character for the letter "r" is pronounced not as we would but has a softer sound so the word "yoru" does sound a bit like yoyo.

I'm still looking for the music: "The coal miner's dance". Once when in Japan I was in a park, sitting on the grass, eating raw octopus with chop sticks. Some people came by and noticed me. We began to talk and they invited me to join them at their company picnic. They were dancing a folk dance called "the coal miner's dance". After more fish and some sake, I joined in. We danced in a circle around a wind-up record player. I had heard the song a few times afterward, in Japan but haven't been able to find it in this country until last week.

Allen Hayashida sent me an e-mail stating that the coal miner's dance was also called "Tanko Bushi". With this information I located it on the web. I found one full version of it that was way too large to put on this site, but I also found a quicktime midi which can be heard on the next page.

If you want to hear the full versions (large files) of the above songs they are available at this site.

J. Sexton

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   Tears of a Swan Okkus '68
   My Darlin Akiko Kosaka '73
   Silver Seat Can Can Daughter     Hideko Takamine '49
   Hello Good-by Agunes Tyan '75
   This Plain is Overflow Ryoko Moriyama '67
   Snowy Firefly Chelish '73
   Silver Road Dark Ducks
   Sukiyaki Kyu Sakamoto '61
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