New Shed, 2002-2003

I started building a new garden shed, 18'x12', in the Fall of 2002.  The style matches a classic American chicken coop, with clerestory windows where the two roof lines meet.  Here are some photos, showing the progress of the work.

Status, 22-Nov-2003: Shed is finished!     Download TurboCad plans for the shed.  (JPEG version).

Spring/Summer 2005: Mike Parsons of Iowa builds a scaled down version of our shed, using it as an ASP (Appalachia Service Project) training project.

Front framing
I drew all of the plans up in TurboCad.  The detail and accuracy helped during construction.
Left wall framing
Clerestory wall framing
There will be 5 windows, front to back.
This was required for the building permit.
Preparation of site begins
A couple small trees had to come down.
Site mostly cleared
Note the jury-rigging of the branch, with rope, to hold it after being cut off.  Worked like a charm!
Foundation surveyed
Have to get everything perfectly square.  Final shed floor was within 1/8" of plans.
Foundation nearly complete
Lots of excavation required.  Foundation is concrete block, sitting on a bit of sand.
Floor being framed
Framing is similar to deck--3 beams w/joists from front to back.
Floor framing complete
Floor is green-treated 2x8's--quite heavy duty.
Floor complete
Add green-treated plywood for floor.  Looks like an outdoor stage!
Walls framed
Framing begins.  This part goes quite fast.  Helped immensely by the new framing nailer.
Beam up
Single beam will support clerestory framing and rafters from both roofs.  4x4 post in center.
First rafter
Walls are now complete and rafters start going up.
Rafters done
Rafters are 2x6, 16" o.c.--roof should be quite sturdy.  Note "flying rafters" in front for overhang.
Framing done
Shed is officially framed..  Note lack of leaves on trees now.
Roof sheeting on
Roof went on quickly, w/help from Dad and Mark.  Tarpaper will do for the Winter.
Wall sheeting on
Walls are just OSB.  Went up quickly.
Tar-paper and ramps
Shed becomes usable.  We have a tar-paper shack through the Winter.  Also note newly built ramps.
Doors installed
Work begins again in Spring, built doors out of plywood and Cedar 1x4's.
Windows and fascia
All windows are in and fascia & trim installed
Detail of clerestory windows
A closer view of the windows
Green shingles add colour and finally keep the rain out.
Final view of the finished shed
View of window
Completed windows and shingles on low roof.
Winter wonderland
Beautiful Winter morning
Wintertime view
Great sunlight on a December morning.