Kubota Tractor, 2004

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Sean bought a brand new Kubota compact tractor in October, 2004.  [Kubota L3130 HST, R4 tires, foldable ROPS, LA723 loader].

 I went down to the dealer's on Monday the 25th, to sign some paperwork and take a look at the tractor.  They've finished setting everything up and it's basically ready to go.  Delivery date is Friday the 29th.

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Kubota with subframe and front blade attached.  I'll use the front blade for snowplowing in the Winter. Posthole digger mounted on the 3-pt hitch, with a 9" auger.  I'll use this for digging holes for fence posts.
View of the instrument panel. Another view of the front blade.  The subframe is very heavy duty and extends nearly the entire length of the tractor.  It's only used for the front blade and must be removed when the loader is attached.
Operater's seat View of the rear PTO and good view of the R4 tires.  For a small tractor, the power is impressive--the 3-pt hitch has a lifting capacity of 3,600 lbs.
Rear blade, which I'll use for grading our 1000' driveway. 60" rear finish mower, which I'll use for mowing the yard and field.
Front loader with 72" bucket.  When subframe for front blade is not attached to the tractor, this loader goes on or off within a couple of minutes. Another view of the loader, on stands.
The rock box, sitting in Lano's pile of goodies.    
Kubota is delivered on Friday, 29Oct04.  Because of the number of implements, it arrived on a flatbed.  They also had thrown a Bobcat onto the truck, which the driver used to unload all the implements, sitting on skids.  The driver wisely chose not to try coming up our driveway--he would have had to back all the way up.

The package:
    Kubota L3130 4WD r/R4 tires and foldable ROPS
    Kubota LA723 loader with 72" square back bucket and bolt-on cutting edge
    Kubota L2172A 72" front blade and quick hitch frame
    Befco C30 60" rear finish mower
    Befco 3 pt post hole digger and 9" auger
    Befco 3 pt 72" rear blade
    Kubota B8160 3 pt rock box
    Front grill guard
    Swinging drawbar.

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New tractor arrives on a misty afternoon. The driver wisely decides to unload at the bottom of the driveway.
View from the front yard, across the field. Christened "Klondike", our 3130 waits on the flatbed.
Parked by the garage. Klondike with loader and post hole digger.
Rock box A bunch of implements (front blade and rear blade)
Quarter view Side view
L3130 PTO view
Good shot of the auger Rear quarter view
Details of front blade, 1-Nov-2004.

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The black piece is the subframe that the front blade attaches to.  Rear blade and RFM can be seen in the background.

Closeup of the front of the subframe.  The bit that sticks out forward fits into the bracket on the front blade and then is able to move vertically to raise/lower blade.

Closeup of front blade

Front blade, 23-Nov-2004.

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I removed the front end loader and installed the subframe and front blade.  Here's a closeup of the front blade mounted on the frame.

The tractor lives in the garage, now that the sailboat has been "demoted" to the field for the Winter.