Welcome!  This is a place for me to share photos and news with family and friends.  Check back often, as I'm always adding new information and expanding the web page. 

What's Here

About Me A quick note about who I am 
2,000 Things You Should Know About C# My daily blog - learning the programming language C#
2,000 Things You Should Know About WPF My daily blog - learning about software development using the Windows Presentation Foundation
Sean's Stuff My blog focused on general software development topics and a place for notes
Sean on Family History My blog focused on family history
The Lucy Show A podcast from a while back, where Lucy and Dad talk about various topics
John Sexton Memorial Remembering John Peter Sexton, 1933-2005
Old 8mm Videos Old family videos  (3 videos, 1960-1968)
Shed Project Photos of the garden shed that I designed and built in 2002/2003.
BookWeb My reading list - past & present.  (through 2010)
Sunsetweb  John Sexton's main site.  [Formerly www.sunsetweb.com]
Cretin51  Cretin High School Class of 1951.  [John Sexton's site, formerly cretin51.com]
Rongevaer Chronicles the Atlantic Crossing from Bayfield, Wisconsin to Bergen, Norway of the sailboat Rongevaer, whose crew included my friend Larry Carpenter.
Compact Tractors A collection of photos of compact tractors, including Kubota, New Holland and John Deere models.  (I collected these while shopping for the Kubota that I eventually bought)
Viticulture Bookmarks Bookmarks related to grape growing and wine making  (an interest of mine)
Old Travelogues Story about searching for relatives in the Netherlands, and old travel overviews.


My blogs:

Sean's Stuff - Learning new software development technologies out loud
Sean on Family History - Miscellaneous thoughts and discoveries on genealogy, family history and family photos.
2,000 Things You Should Know About C# - Everything a C# programmer needs to know, in bite-sized chunks
2,000 Things You Should Know About WPF - Everything a WPF programmer needs to know, in bite-sized chunks

I am a huge book lover. Here is a random sampling of some of the books that I own:

You can see my entire catalog at:     
(Still a tiny percentage of the entire book collection)


Contact me at: sean@seans.com   or twitter.com/spsexton